What is the cost?

The annual fee is based on the following 3 commission tiers:
80% – $299.00
75% – $249.00 – most popular
70% – $199.00

Is previous travel advisor experience mandatory?

At the current time OAL has reached its limit of travel advisors without experience.  Therefore, we are only accepting Experienced Travel Advisors.  If you do not have experience, please feel free to email Admin@OALTravelNetwork.com and we will note your interest, experience level and add you to our waitlist for beginning advisors.

What are the steps to joining?

Our enrollment process is very easy. Complete our “Enroll Now” form and the process will start immediately. Once we receive your request, our team will quickly review your information and arrange a time for a short, informal chat to be sure we are a good fit for each other and how you envision your travel business.

Do you provide E&O Insurance coverage?

Yes, our agency does carry Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance. However, we strongly suggest you obtain your own E&O coverage.  Please note if you will be operating as an LLC, you are required to maintain your own individual E&O policy.

I live outside the United States, am I able to be an advisor?

Our program is only available to those advisors that reside full time in the continental US, Hawaii and Alaska. You must also possess a valid Social Security Number and/or Tax ID, as well as, a US-based bank account.

What qualifications are required to attend a fam or obtain a travel advisor rate?

In order to attend a fam or obtain a travel advisor rate we have established the following criteria:

  • A membership for a minimum of 90 days.
  • During your current active membership you must have earned a minimum of $600.00.
  • Written request must be submitted to our Support Team for approval.

Please note:  Not all requests are approved even if the above requirements have been met.  OAL takes a number of factors into consideration.

How am I paid the commission?

Via Direct Deposit on the 15th of the following month in which the commission is received. For example, a commission received on January 1st will be paid on February 15th.

No minimum commission amount is required for a deposit to be issued!!

How am I able to track my commissions?

Access to our real time commission tracking system online through the Advisor Access on our website.  You will have access to:

  • View commissions as soon as they are posted
  • Run reports to track your sales
  • Research unpaid commissions
  • Set up commission alert notifications
  • AND more!


What support is offered after I have joined?

You will be contacted by one of our Support Team members to set up a convenient time for a Welcome Tour of the Member’s Only section of the OAL Travel Network website, assist you with joining our Facebook group and offer suggestions, if needed, for developing your business plan. You will continue to receive professional support should questions arise or need assistance booking reservations.

I want to just pay and get an IATAN card. Can I do this?

The only way to obtain an IATAN card is to prove you have earned a minimum of $5000 in commissions paid to you by OAL Travel Network within a 12 consecutive month period and you must work at least 20 hours per week as an Independent Travel Consultant. This is a regulation set forth by IATAN and one that we STRICTLY adhere to. This guideline is put in place to ensure the integrity of the travel professionals in the industry. The benefit is exclusively for those advisors who have proven success.  IATAN also states you must continue to earn the commission standard or your membership cannot be renewed.

Am I able to enroll in CLIA and receive a CLIA Identification card?

Yes. We offer enrollment to CLIA to all our advisors who have been paid a minimum of $2000.00 in commission within the calendar year. CLIA has established certain criteria and fees associated with a membership. You would be responsible for following these guidelines and paying the fees directly to CLIA. Our support team will assist and provide you the step-by-step instructions.

I've read that airlines are not paying commission anymore...how do I make money selling airline tickets?

All airlines have eliminated the commission they pay to travel agencies. Therefore, we don’t encourage perspective agents to enter this business with the sole purpose of selling airline tickets. You will make far more money (with much less effort) booking vacation packages (inclusive of airline tickets), escorted tours and cruises. When you do engage with a client who wants an airline ticket, we add on a booking fee to the cost of the ticket which is commissionable to you. This is a standard industry practice regardless.

How is it possible to compete with the big name online travel agencies such as Travelocity, Priceline, etc.?

It’s very simple actually. We have access to vendors that will price match what your client can find online. One of Support Team Advisors will assist you with the process.

How do I know which travel supplier to book for the best commission?

You will be provided the information on our Preferred Suppliers. Booking reservations with the Preferred Suppliers are going to ensure you the highest percentage commission the supplier pays. You are not restricted to book ONLY our Preferred Suppliers. Booking with a supplier that is not preferred will still earn you the same commission split but non-preferred suppliers pay a lower commission percentage.  We don’t penalize advisors by lowering their commission earned when booking a non-preferred supplier.

How soon after I make a reservation will the supplier pay the commission?

This question has several answers:

  1. Most cruise lines pay commission about 21 days AFTER the final payment has been processed. In this case, you will receive the commission prior to your client traveling.
  2. The majority of Tour/Land suppliers pay commission 14-21 days AFTER the client has returned from their vacation.
  3. Car and Hotel reservations are paid after the client has either returned the rental car or checked out of the hotel. These commissions tend to take the longest to receive. The normal processing time is between 30-60 days. It is for this reason, we recommend booking packages inclusive of flights, car and/or hotel.
  4. Airline reservations that are booked and ticketed through our online GDS system will have a service fee automatically added. You will receive a commission from the service fee with your next commission payment.
  5. Group reservations, either cruises or tour packages, are not paid until after the group has traveled. The payment is usually initiated 30 days from the group’s return.

How are my bookings tracked?

After making a reservation, you will need to access the Advisor Access section of the OAL Travel Network website. There is a section for you to report sales. You will enter the sales information in 6 short, simple entries and it will interface directly to our accounting system.  Yes, it is that simple – no long, dreadful, time consuming process.

How do you know I am the booking advisor when confirmations are received from suppliers?

There are 2 ways we are able to determine the booking advisor:

  1. When making reservations, it is very important to provide your name AND your unique advisor number to the supplier (i.e. Mary1234). We have several advisors with the same first name, therefore, when using your unique number, we are able to determine the correct advisor when we receive booking confirmations.
  2. After you complete the reservation, immediately report the sale. Reporting the sale lets us know who booked the reservation.

Will I have to purchase any special software for my computer to book travel?

No. You will be provided a log-in and password for the Advisor Access section of the OAL Travel Network website. Our website will provide you information on our Preferred Suppliers and access to:

  • Our web-based GDS booking engine
  • Commission tracking information
  • Exclusives

And much more!

Do you provide a consumer based booking engine so my client can book travel and I will receive the credit?

We do not provide a consumer-based booking engine. Our belief is not to drive the consumer to the internet to make reservations, simply use the internet for research but rely on the knowledge and value a professional travel consultant can provide when booking their dream vacation.

What marketing options are available?

Through our partnership with the Travel Leaders Network, you can participate in a marketing program which will provide you the ability to send emails to your clients.  These emails will be branded with your name and contact information for the call to action!

Do I use YOUR name or MINE for my business?

You have the option to choose:

  • You may use YOUR business name and information on a business card of your own design. You are an independent contractor affiliated with us. If you need help in coming up with a name for your business, we can offer suggestions. Most people have no problem thinking of a name for their business. Just be absolutely sure the name you choose is not already in use by someone else. Our best suggestion is to keep it simple, easy to spell and remember. Avoid the use of “Net Lingo” by combining letters and/or numbers to create a word. For example: Trvl4u2moro
  • You may opt to have business cards with the Travel Leaders logo and must be obtained through the OAL Travel Network. There are licensing restrictions that must be adhered to.

Does the state I reside in have Individual State Requirements and Licensing?

OAL Travel Network is registered with the states requiring a Seller of Travel License.  It is up to you, as the advisor, to check with your local and state municipalities for any laws or requirements set forth for an Independent Contractor selling travel.