As a home based travel advisor, explore the world of entrepreneurship in an exciting and rewarding fashion. The OAL Travel Network (OAL) has been in business for over 30 years and is a subsidiary of the award-winning Thomas Hogan Travel, a Travel Leaders Network Associate Member located in Myrtle Beach, SC. For more than 35 years, Thomas Hogan Travel has garnered the esteem of the travel industry and has built a reputation that independent travel advisors across the United States endorse. At OAL, we possess the knowledge, experience and financial backing to provide you a stable platform for which you can build your travel business. Our affiliation with the Travel Leaders Network allows you to instantly become a part of a highly recognized power house in the travel industry.

Studies have proven the need for a professional travel advisor in a world that has been drastically affected by covid. The public is turning away from Online Travel Agencies (“OTA”) because when the world of travel turned upside down due to the pandemic those individuals had no one to turn to for advocacy on their behalf. However, the client of a travel agency simply had to make one call to their travel advisor and everything was handled from that point on. Refunds. Rebooks. Lifts and Shifts. Travel advisors solidified the commitment to the client and always had their best interest at heart. Anyone that booked through an OTA was left to fend for themselves, hold for 8, 9, 10+ hours and only to be disconnected or told they could file for a refund/rebook online. It is predicted the resurgence of a travel advisor is going to be stronger and in greater need than ever before!

With the above being stated, the hospitality and tourism industry is making its way into the homes of eager, self-starters who are looking to be a home-based travel advisor. If you are an existing travel advisor, corporate salesperson or executive looking to expand your empire, this is the perfect option for you. OAL is the gateway to achieving or maintaining this freedom, allowing you to operate your business from home and opening the door to a level of satisfaction that comes from becoming your own boss through the determination of how you want to earn income.

OAL empowers each of our advisors with knowledge, information and resources to ensure a successful business. We begin your journey with a private one-on-one welcome webinar.  You will receive access to the Advisors Access portal, FREE access to a web-based GDS booking engine and the Learning Management System ensures you are in-the-know at all times and are fully aware of the new strategies at hand. Get started by enrolling in one of our three commission tiered packages. You will receive the highest level of preferred supplier commissions available. As you begin on the path of becoming a home based travel advisor, accelerate your earnings by participating in exclusive trainings and opportunities to network with other advisors such as yourself at exclusive seminars, learning sessions and through social media outlets.

Once you become a home-based travel advisor, the world is in the palm of your hand! There is much to learn about and see as you embark on this exciting new journey that provides you with a rewarding and profitable experience. Whether you are looking to start your own independent travel agency business or just looking to make some extra income, you have taken a step in the right direction!

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