As the back to school season kicks into high gear, countless
parents are helping their kids locate that perfect first-day outfit, track down
the last of their town’s “Book Sox,” and decide which unlucky parent gets to
drive little Tommy from school to his friend’s houses after classes are over. No
matter how stressful this time of year can be for families of school-age
children, it’s often a welcome change for parents who have to make huge
sacrifices by cutting back on work hours over the summer to care for their
children.  If you’re one of the thousands
of American parents whose children are younger than school age, however, you don’t
have the luxury of sending them back to school and returning to normal hours at
your job.  But what if, instead of having
to find a way to get to work, you could let work come to you?

If you’ve got young kids, you know how tough it can be to
negotiate a job while caring for them. Maybe you’ve tried to cut back on hours
at work; perhaps you’ve looked into getting a nanny. Well, we’re here to tell
you that the answer might just lie in working from home. It’s not an easy gig
to find, but if you can land it, working from home will not only allow
you to spend more time with your kids, but it will improve their lives as well. 

Here are 5 reasons why working from home is important to
your young kids:

1. Your kids aren’t sure who they are yet

Heidi Brennan, a member of the Board of Directors for the
Family and Home Network, says, “Research has demonstrated that the early
relationship between infants and preschoolers is the foundation of all
subsequent personality development.”


2. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t miss it either

Stuff liked scraped knees and the sniffles might not seem
like a big deal, but when your kids are all grown up, it’s oftentimes the small
stuff that we miss the most. Be there for your children when they’re young and
they’ll return the favor down the road.


3. Be a provider

Joan K. Peters, a working mother and author of When
Mothers Work
, says that “One of the aspects of mothering that’s
terribly important is making sure that you can provide for your children
financially.” Not only will you make good money with a quality work from home opportunity,
but you’ll be able to save money on daycare!


4. Never Say Never

If you currently have a job, going from the working life to
the non-working life overnight is not the best idea. Not only will it suddenly become
tougher to make ends meet, but it doesn’t set a great example for your kids.

5. Sister Act (Up)

If you have more than one young child to tend to, you can
play a crucial role in how they view one another during the impressionable
years of early youth. A caregiver might not be able to teach your children how
to cooperate with, learn from, and support one another quite like their parent

If you’re ready to give working from home a chance so that
you can spend more time at home with your kids during their formative years, contact Outside Agent Link today! We’ve hired hundreds of mothers who wanted a
professional option that would afford them more time with their young children.