It’s not always a popular notion to “quit.” But the fact is, there are many people who could be happier in a less restrictive work environment; there are many people who want to work for themselves and stop answering to four tiers of superiors. That’s why we think that you should quit. There’s never a better time than now, and here are five reasons why:

1. Employment is getting “looser”

Millennials have ushered in a new era of employment. Because of freelancing, the Internet, and more, people are less tied to companies than ever. Your parents saddled up to one company when they were 18 and worked the ranks until their eventual retirement and pension was available. That is no longer. Nowadays, the average worker is going to change companies or career paths eight times in their working lives. Eight! It’s a new time for employment and you have the power.

2. It’s a jungle out there

As Sheryl Sandberg put it in her book Lean In, your career is no longer a ladder, it’s a jungle gym. There are plenty of lateral and adjacent moves available to you; you only need to explore them. It’s important for your happiness that you stay stimulated at work and changing up your path could be just the thing you need.

3. Your boss is disrespectful

The days of the screaming boss are over. People want to work in companies that have a harmonious environment with a collaborative mission. Employers like Google and Facebook know that it takes more than a good service or idea to keep top talent. You need to offer culture. If your boss is disrespectful or dismissive of your ideas and your job, it’s time to move on. You won’t miss it; we promise.

4. Your job doesn’t challenge you

Life is too short to be bored. If you’re clocking in and yawning for 8 hours, rolling your eyes at the water cooler banter, it’s time to jump start your career. You have a lot to offer and there are home-based entrepreneurship opportunities out there you can advantage of.

5. Flexibility of schedule

The single best thing about working for yourself is the ability to work at your own pace and with your own hours. Flexibility is a luxury that money can’t buy. If you have children, or if you want to make time to travel, or even if you’re just sick of lying about being sick to get out of work, a home-based business could be the answer.