Working from home may seem like a breeze: you’re in your pajamas sipping your morning coffee, listening to the birds and occasionally typing on your computer. But in order to be a successful home-based travel agent, you need to have a routine and a focus. Here are a few tips from the working-from-home experts:

1. Clean it up first. 

You would be surprised how often, when you work from home, you’ll be tempted to get up and clean the kitchen counters or fold the laundry. In order to best stay on task, it’s important to have the rooms in which you work be clean before your work day begins. You’ll be a lot less distracted when the dust bunnies aren’t staring at you from behind your bar cart.

 2. Make a to-do list.

Staying on task while at home can also be difficult. There is probably a TV somewhere in your home which is begging to be watched, a fun website link from a friend that is begging to be clicked, or perhaps your dog is just begging to be pet. Never fear. Having a daily to-do list can help you stay on task (and feel incredibly accomplished with each square you check).

 3. Take short breaks.

If you find yourself hitting a wall or unable to solve a problem, get up from your workspace (whether it be a desk or your dining room table) and take a few minutes. You can walk around your neighborhood, make a cup of coffee, or simply do some stretching. Since you’re in your own domain, your options are pretty great. These short breaks can help you re-energize and refocus on the tasks at hand (but this is not the time for cleaning).

4. Listen to some music (but not your favorites).

Listening to music can help you focus, but if it’s songs that are familiar, you might get distracted by your jams. Looking for something new? We love Spotify “mood” playlists. You can choose from nature sounds, classical music, soothing tones, and more instrumentals that will help keep you focused.

 5. Dress the part.

Sure, pajamas or workout clothes are comfortable, but maybe they’re too comfortable. Getting up in the morning and dressed with a purpose helps put you in the mind frame of working. That’s why it’s important to go ahead and put on real pants, a shirt and even some shoes. It also helps to shower and primp as though you were going into an office. As you introduce a stronger routine, the more productive you will be.