Picture this. You’re about halfway through your cross-country trip when you land in Denver only to find bad weather greeting you. Planes have been grounded, flights have been canceled, and you are now stuck in the sea of grumpy travelers and airline representatives. You take your spot in line and listen to the passive aggression wage on for hours at the counter. 

At a time like this, you could have someone on your side. You could have a travel representative just a phone call away, ready to help; someone who knows you and who wants to work to salvage your day.

Many of our independent travel consultants have been in situations just like this. They’ve stood in the line, in the sea of angriness, at the center of a storm. But they, like you, realized that there is something those Internet sites just can’t do: carry out customer service. Sure, you can find a great deal on those faceless sites, but they’re not going to be there for you in times like these.

That’s why being a travel agent isn’t dead, and why the industry is coming back swinging. In addition to customer service during troubling times, there is also the experience and expertise they bring to the table. For example, you might think leaving on a Sunday morning at 9am after your wedding is a good idea. However, your independent travel agent might advise you to leave on Monday instead and save you a literal headache. You might think a hotel looks great online, but your agent will know people who have stayed there and representatives from that place or somewhere like it. They’ll know everything from if travel insurance is a smart investment and what kinds of baggage you should take with you.

They know the tricks of the trade and are willing to share those with their customers to make their traveling easier and vacations more blissful. They take the time to get to know your preferences and needs and work to put you in a place you will love and will be convenient. No more surprises!

So why should you be an independent travel agent? Helping people, of course!