2015 is a year when the idea of traditional travel will be turned on its head a little. With embargo and border restrictions becoming relaxed and increased popularity of the lower-budgeted and domestic travel, agents will constantly have to stay current on ever-changing travel trends.

We’ve got you covered, though. Below is a list of some of the best, boldest and brightest travel bloggers out there that you need to keep an eye on this year if you plan on staying ahead of the competition:

  1. Camels and Chocolate: a little bit domestic, a little bit international, this blog follows an intrepid travel writing professional with Southern U.S. roots.
  2. Miss Vacation: take a pictorial journey around the world with a professional photographer and traveler set on creating unique memories one vacation at a time.
  3. Wandering Earl: What started as a three-month study in 1999, turned into a permanent, nomadic expedition going more than 5,400 days strong and counting.
  4. Kick The Grind TV: A highly visual video travel blog that chronicles all the beauty and wonder of the world in 1080p.
  5. Fearful Adventurer: As the name implies, this blog follows an at-times meek traveler who has seen more in 12 years than most would hope to in a lifetime.
  6. The Great Affair: Replace traditional travel photography with a sketchbook and watercolors and you have this amazing travel blog by Rose Reardon.
  7. Travel Darkly: With a fascination for the morbid and morose, this blog’s traveling duo makes it a point to chronicle the dark side of the globe.
  8. Legal Nomads: After leaving her legal job in 2008, Jodi Ettenberg has carved a life of food and travel; both her and her readers are happier.
  9. With Husband in Tow: You’d think the implication here is that one is far more enthusiastic about travel than the other, but both Amber Hoffman and her husband Eric set out together to conquer the southeast Asian food world and write about it in the process.
  10. Vagabrothers: Naturally, there’s more to traveling than just the destination. You run into all walks of life and different cultures, foods, values and ideals, too. This weekly travel show aims to spotlight both the places and people who make this world so fantastic.

Thought of one we missed? Be sure to mention it in the comments below. And if you feel inspired to go on your own set of adventures, visit our contact page to learn how OAL can help you get started.