The best travel agents are those with a healthy appetite for traveling the world. If they have first-hand knowledge of different places, cultures, customs, food and more, they are more equipped to give awesome advice to their clients. If you’re thinking about becoming a travel agent, chances are that you love to travel or want to do it more often. Here are 10 signs that you have been bitten by the travel bug (for which there is no cure but more jet-setting!):

OAL sunset 







10. Your social media feed consists mostly of reposts of sunsets, exotic locales and quotes about wanderlust.

 9. You pronounce foreign words appropriately (instead of Americanizing them).

 8. You’re addicted to the Travel Channel.

 7. You’re first in line at any ethnic food restaurant openings in your town.

 6. Your bucket list has turned into more of a bucket novel.

 5. You’ve traded in your celebrity crushes for Celebrity Cruises.

 4. You read so many travel blogs that you can give tons of advice about a place you’ve never even been.


 3. You refer to Anthony Bourdain regularly in conversation and as if he is your close friend.

 2. You judge anyone who doesn’t want to leave the United States or has never been on a plane.

 1. You use your credit card(s) simply to rack up miles.