Quitting is not something we’re taught to do. In fact, most
people try to avoid it at all costs. But sometimes, quitting is the smart thing
to do—especially when it comes to feeling freedom in your career. Here are five
signs you need to quit your day job (and find a new path): 

1.    You’re feeling disrespected

Respect is a huge motivator in our
professional lives. We want it from our colleagues, our boss and even our
families (in relation to what we do for a living). If you’re feeling
disrespected in your line of work, chances are that you are at the wrong
company or under the wrong direction. You want a job that challenges you to
work hard, but one that is also rewarding as well. 

2.    You have no work/life balance

If you just read that headline and thought,
“What’s a work/life balance?” it may be time to quit. Yes, your career is
important, but so is your family, friends and personal wellbeing. In order to
be professionally successful, you have to have some downtime. If you never take
vacation, or even a weekend off, you won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of your
labor, which could lead to regret later. 

3.    You’re bored

The best jobs are the ones that excite you.
Maybe not every task is thrilling (especially those time sheets, media plans or
HR paperwork), but overall, you should be feel challenged and fulfilled. If
you’re bored at work every day, chances are you aren’t living up to your full

4.   You’re not making enough money

Money is a huge factor when it comes to be
satisfied with your job. If your present company isn’t paying you enough for
the time you spend, and you have already requested more but to no avail, it
might be time to change it up.  

5.   You dream of quitting

Yes, this may be the most obvious, but if
you’re thinking about quitting, you probably should’ve already quit! It’s never
too late to get started on a new career path and to take control of your life.  No job is perfect, but if you’re suffering from any of these
professional woes, it may be time to quit and find a new path. If you’re
passionate about travel, Outside Agent Link offers a way for you to work independently, and from home, with
up to 80% commissions, with training and support available.