Travel Leaders is the leading travel franchise in the United States. So why be affiliated with them? We’ll tell you the advantages right now:

1. Expand your network

There are over 4,000 independent travel agents associated with Travel Leaders across the nation. That’s a pretty amazing potential network of agents you can tap for expertise requests, partnership opportunities and more.

2. Emphasis on customer service

Travel Leaders has an amazing reputation for agents with impeccaable customer service records, as well as personalized travel planning. Taking a custom approach is something all clients appreciate.

3. Award winners

Travel Leaders has been awarded with 65 prestigious travel industry awards since 2009. That’s more than 10 per year to date!

4. Marketing help

You don’t need to worry that you’re not a marketing guru. Travel Leaders and Outside Agent Link sets you up with marketing – including a website and email marketing – to help you find clients for your burgeoning business (or help clients find you). Travel Leaders also has several tools on its site to aid potential clients in finding your agency once you’re listed! You can choose to specialize in a “travel interest” as well (such as destination weddings, eco-adventure, and more) so that your clientele and business stay more niche.