Going on a trip this year? Get ready ahead of time by downloading these helpful apps that will save you a lot of time and help you discover some hidden gems on your vacation! 


Free, iOS & Android
Great for finding the quickest driving routes so you can avoid traffic, one-way roads, construction, or other hazards. In addition to being available in pretty much any language spoken on earth, you can also download fun voices (previous voices have included Morgan Freeman and a boy band that sings at you) to make getting directions from your GPS even more fun!


Free, iOS & Android
Compile all of your travel documents, schedules, and info in one convenient place. Simply forward all of your travel emails & confirmations to the app, and it will keep you organized!

Google Translate

Free, iOS & Android
Not sure how to order your favorite meal or ask for the nearest bathroom? Simply ask Google to translate for you! You can even take photos of signs in order to receive instant text translation.


Free, iOS & Android
Does the thought of using public transportation or walking around in an unfamiliar city intimidate you? Citymapper is here to help you out! It’s available in over 30 major cities worldwide, and will help you compare all of your transit options.


Free, iOS & Android
Not technically a travel app, but great to have! Decide whether or not a restaurant is worth eat at with this helpful app that brings in a number of reviews from real diners! You can also get helpful info like hours of operation, atmosphere, whether you need to dress up, how expensive it is, or you can just download the menu or make reservations straight from the app!

What are your favorite travel apps?