If you’re currently in a position where business travel is a must, you’ve probably already learned just how grueling of a task it can become which is why we’ve compiled a list of ways to improve business travel.

Below you’ll find some of the best tips for triumphantly taking on business travel.


Create a travel checklist.

A travel checklist will help to ensure you don’t leave anything important behind. It will also help you save time as it eliminates the last minute frantic run around the house as you try to remember all of the items you need to pack.


Pack an energy bar or other small packaged snack in your carry-on.

Once you’ve reached the point where your stomach is aching and your head is aching, it’s hard to return to normal. Business travel calls for you to be at the top of your game, so don’t let yourself become starved.


Stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated helps prevent headaches and gives you some overall much-needed energy, so be sure to drink water during your flight or car ride as well as during your entire trip to be sure that you’re ready for anything your business trip has to throw at you.


Establish designated travel chargers.

Keep designated travel chargers that are only used when you travel and stay in your carry-on

when not traveling. This will ensure you’re never left with a device that is low on battery, but no charger because it’s still plugged into the wall by your nightstand.


Use travel apps to find food.

Use travel apps like Yelp and do research on restaurants before you arrive. A decent meal can work wonders for your mood and energy, so don’t deprive yourself of a good meal while you’re away on business.


Buy sample products of some of your favorite toiletries that you use at home.

Most regular sized products like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste can be bought in sample sizes at your local home goods store. This may seem like something small, but it will give you a sense of home while on the road.

At Outside Agent Link, our trained travel agents always keep their customers in mind, which is why we know business travel can quickly become an overwhelming undertaking. With these tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to become a business travel pro.