Getting new clients to work with you is hard, especially if you don’t consider yourself to be a salesperson. If you’re stuck in a slump, follow these top tips to get new clients in the door. 

Talk to everyone.

Every single person you meet is a potential client! Your goal every day should be to talk to three people on whatever platform you’re most comfortable with: phone, email, social media, in person, etc. You never know who may be looking to travel. If you talk to three people every day for a year that’s over a thousand potential new clients which makes the chances of gaining a new client look pretty good!


Don’t always sit behind your desk.

This goes with number one. If you sit behind your computer all day waiting for clients to come to you, it may never happen. Go get them! Going to things like networking events or other events in your area that interest you, allows people to get to know you. People trust who they know and trust plays a huge part in a client who is deciding whether or not to book with you.


Follow up.

If you get a number from someone that you meet, follow up with them. Even if they didn’t seem very interested, one call won’t hurt. Sending a quick email when you get home is also great because the meeting is fresh in your mind and their mind.


Reward clients for their referrals.

Word of mouth is still on of the best ways to grow your business. Offering your existing clients a discount or gift for referrals is a great way to generate business.


Partner with a host travel agency for leads.

Perfected your pitch? Great. Who are you going to pitch to now? Without leads, you’ll struggle to build a strong client base. Using a host travel agency like Outside Agent Link will go a long way in helping you generate viable leads that can turn into customers.


What are some of your tips for getting new clients in the door?