At Outside Agent Link, our independent travel agents work hard to ensure your trips are planned perfectly and go off without a hitch. With warmer months ahead, cruise planning will increase and as experts in the field of all things travel, here are a few items we recommend packing for your next cruise.


Hanging toiletry bag

As you’ll quickly find out, cruises have limited space which means you’ll want to take advantage of any and all counter space. A hanging toiletry bag will make your toiletries easily acceptable while still giving you plenty of space. It’s also easily movable which means if the bathroom is crowded with family members getting ready, you can smoothly transition into the cabin vanity area to get ready.


Charging station

There will be outlets in your cabin, but just like the limited space, there will also be limited outlets. With all of the different types of devices, you’ll likely bring with you, this becomes a bit of a problem. A charging station will allow everyone in the cabin to easily charge their devices without having to fight for an outlet.


Insulated drink mugs

Cruises are filled with a lot of fun in the sun which can quickly drain your energy and lead to dehydration. To fully enjoy your trip, it’s a good idea to pack a few insulated drink mugs that your family can fill with water throughout the day. However, you’ll just need to be sure that you fill the cups given to you in the dining area with the water first, then use that cup to fill your insulated drink mug: never attempt to fill your insulated drink mug directly from the water station.



Not only will water help you sustain all the fun in the sun, but aloe will also help on those nights where you realize you spent a little too much time in the sun. Aloe will ensure your sunburned skin is calmed and even help the burn go down which means you’ll still be able to enjoy the remainder of your trip.


Waterproof phone cases

Water, water everywhere! Whether you’re on the cruise ship or on one of the islands you’re likely visiting, you’re going to be surrounded by water for the majority of your trip which means investing in a waterproof phone case can be a lifesaver.


Passport/Birth Certificate

It’s always best to be prepared because you never know what you may face while on your cruising adventures especially when it comes to boarding or deboarding at different ports along your trip.

Wrinkle spray

Cruise ships don’t allow irons in the cabins which means your clothing will likely come out of your bag wrinkled and stay that way during your entire trip. However, small travel sized wrinkle spray is an easy way to decrease wrinkles and keep your clothes looking fresh and presentable!


What items are a ‘must-pack’ for your cruise vacations?