There is just something about a frosted glass filling with the rich ambers, crisp pales, and smooth darks of a great, foaming beer. When traveling around the world, you may find a moment to stop and grab a pint, or two! Here are a verity of pints and breweries from each continent:


North America

Let’s start in Quebec Canada with the Brasserie Auval Brewing Co. boasting the Auvald IPA. This beer comes with high ratings for being cloudy, juicy, and hoppy with high scores for aroma from rate a

Moving down to the United States, Hill Farmstead Brewery in Vermont holds another 100% rated beer on The Hill Farmstead Ann is a Saison style beer that has been aged in wine barrels. It receives high ratings for the honey and fruity tastes. 

Continue South to Ensenada, Mexico for a great Red Ale Cerveceria Wendlant has the Wendlandt Harry Polanco Red Ale. This beer received great scores on with consistent descriptions as a nice caramel malt.


South America

In Chile, the Kross brewery creates several award-winning flavors. This beer enthusiast described the Kross 5 as a great dark beer with wood scents and vanilla flavors.

In Peru, the Pilsen is a part of the Backus and Johnston Brewery which has beginnings traced back to the 1870’s in Lima. The beer itself has mixed reviews, but the company is starting to make microbrews with growing popularity. 



Denmark is the home well-known Carlsberg Brewery founded in 1847.  With hundreds of beers originating from countries such as Italy, Laos, Cambodia and Russia (Just to name a few) there will likely be something for everyone! 

As if you need another excuse to want to travel to Greece, Mythos is a local brewery making Mythos lager. Advertised as being the perfect beer for the city square or an island bar, the website includes small and large draught masters products to take and make the beer everywhere with you. 

Ireland is well-known for the dark, frothy Guinness that is most popular on draught. However, their Harp Blonde Lager is another great option from this company. This beer has a golden amber color with a light finish. Located in a great location in Dublin, a trip to sip this blonde lager and enjoy the town is well worth a visit.



The Harar Beer Factory in Ethiopia brews the Hakim Stout, a beer making a few tops lists for African beers. Reviews list this beer as a chocolate/coffee flavor with bit of fruit, mixed reviews as to which kind of fruit. 

From South Africa, a popular beer is the Castle Lager. Originally brewed in 1895, this bitter and dry beer grew in popularity with miners in Johannesburg. Today you can order a customized bottle off the website.



Japan has an espresso stout brewed with roasted espresso beans. Claiming to be based on a recipe from a Russian Emperor, the beer boasts a rich taste that is balanced with a coffee flavor. Originally founded as a Sake Brewery in 1823, an alcohol taxation change in 1994 enabled the brewery to take on the challenge of brewing beer.

The Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai has some American fare and a unique take a beer. Equipped with even a Facebook page The Sucker Punch Pale Ale is advertised as less malty than an English pale Ales with a light and unique hoppy flavor.


Australia/New Zealand

Cascade Brewery in South Hobart, Tasmania, is cited as the oldest Brewery in Australia which is still in operation. The three main beers of this brewery and the Cascade Premium, the Cascade Pale Ale and the Cascade Blonde.



The Phat Mongral from Fox Hat Brewing in South Australia hit the list in The Australian as one of the best beers of 2016. The chocolate noted oatmeal stout is described as smooth and easy to drink. 



Yes, even Antarctica has beer. While most of the beer on the continent is brought in from Australia, one group is starting a home brewery at the Casey station. While resources are limited posing some difficulties, it is easy and quick to chill the beer.


Wherever you travel, there will be good beer nearby. Have you tried a beer in a different continent you enjoyed? Let us know about it on Facebook.