Ever wondered if you have what it takes to become a travel agent? Even if you haven’t considered it before, maybe you should start now. From a love of research to an obsession with organization, these are some of the top signs you could be a great independent travel agent:


We don’t mean you always keep your clothes folded neatly and never leave dishes in the sink. The best travel agents are organized when it comes to planning out and scheduling trips for individual clients. There are a lot of dates, numbers, destinations and times to remember when working with a client to book a trip. People who are adept at keeping detailed schedules, notes and files systems will have an advantage when it comes to organizing travel for clients. When it comes to planning the ultimate trip for your clients, every little detail matters.

People skills.

If you love working with people and bringing happiness to those around you, a career in the travel field may be perfect for you. Your job planning trips and vacations for your clients will bring them joy and lifelong memories. The best travel agents find it easy to communicate with new people and make them feel comfortable around you. They listen to what their client is saying so they can better personalize the trip to that unique client. Travel agents can’t be afraid to reach out and contact someone first, either. In fact, that’s an essential trait when it comes to getting new clients.

Research lover.

In many situations, travel agents rely on their own experiences and first-hand knowledge to provide information to their clients. However, no one can know everything. When a client comes to you asking for a trip to a country you’ve never visited, a destination you’re unfamiliar with or an experience you’ve never heard of, it is your job to research and learn everything you can in order to book the best trip for your client.


The flexibility to adjust to changes and unexpected situations quickly and easily is an important trait for travel agents. When you’re constantly working with other people’s schedules and budgets, you have to maintain a healthy level of adaptability to stay sane. Also, travel agents need to be prepared for travel emergencies when their clients are on their trips. Thinking on your feet when a client misses a flight or falls ill overseas isn’t just convenient, it’s essential to providing the best service possible for your clients.


Most importantly, the best travel agents have a passion for traveling and seeing the world. The thing that separates any regular job and a career you love is the passion you have for what you do. If you love to travel, that will translate into the work you do and the trips you plan for your clients. You’ll not only get the opportunity to learn about new places and help others see the world, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to get out and travel yourself. Not to mention, the expert knowledge you accumulate while traveling can give you the leg-up over other agents. Even if you don’t a ton a lot of travel experience under your belt, there are still programs that will allow you to begin a career as a travel agent.