Every job has its perks. For some, it may be bringing your pet to work with you. For others, it may be opportunities to meet famous celebrities. However, we think the benefits of being a travel agent put it high on the list of best jobs in the world. Here are five of the top perks for independent and home-based travel agents:

You get to travel

As an independent travel agent, you don’t have to limit your travel plans to your vacation days. Agents with Outside Agent Link have opportunities to take FAM trips and often get discounted travel agent rates on personal travel plans. So that dream trip to Hawaii you’ve been planning in your head for years? Time to make it a reality!

Make new friends

Networking and building relationships with clients is a key part of being a successful travel agent. And, while meeting new people is important to growing your business, it also has the bonus effect of introducing you to like-minded individuals with whom you can develop lifelong friendships.

Learn about the world

Few careers offer as many opportunities to learn about cities and places around the world like being a travel agent. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just passionate about travel, there is always an abundance of research, books, and hands-on experience available as an independent travel agent to learn more about the world.

Work from almost anywhere

As an independent or home-based travel agent, you have the ability to choose where you want to work, and even change that location from day to day! Meet with clients at your favorite cafe, set up an inspiring office in your home, or work while traveling the world. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be stuck in a dreary, old cubicle once you start your career as a travel agent.

Help make other people’s dreams come true

While travel agents may not be out there saving the world, they are helping people live their dreams. As a travel agent, people will come to you for help planning a trip, and you have the opportunity to make sure that trip is as memorable and incredible as possible. You can even add little personalized touches to make your client’s dream vacation even better.