Few trips are more memorable than a couple’s honeymoon. You want to ensure that the newlyweds have a romantic time. There are many great destinations in the United States that a pair of lovers could find their own personal paradise, but we’ve narrowed it down to just five. These destinations will provide a nice range of experiences to match the tastes of the happy couple.

1. Napa Valley

Like most of the destinations on this list, Napa Valley will get the newlyweds away from the hustle and bustle and give them an intimate location where all of their focus can be on each other. Beautiful vineyards paint the landscape in California’s wine country. There is no shortage of luxury hotels in the area when a place is this picturesque. A couple looking to be pampered cannot go wrong with locations like Meadowood or Auberge du Soleil.

In addition to the vineyards, there are other romantic activities for lovers to do in the area. Popular choices are hot air balloon rides over the beautiful countryside, a romantic stroll on the hiking trails, or visits to the nearby small towns, which have a unique charm that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

2. Maui

For a more tropical destination, you can’t go wrong with any of the Hawaiian islands. Of the all the islands, Maui is the Goldilocks of the bunch. It isn’t too big, nor too small. It isn’t too busy, nor too quiet. It offers the perfect blend of a beautiful, secluded location and a wide variety of activities so that honeymooners can make the most of their trip. Among the many quality resorts in the area, two of the highest rated among honeymooning couples are Hotel Wailea and The Four Seasons Maui.

3. Jackson Hole

For couples that prefer a more rustic, woodland environment to the vineyards and tropical location of the previous destinations, Jackson Hole makes a great honeymoon location. Popular resorts such as Wyoming Inn and The Rusty Parrot will provide beautiful mountain views to go along with a romantic cabin atmosphere. Alternatively, if the couple will be planning to hit the slopes for some skiing, then Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a fantastic place for them to stay.

There will be no shortage of activities for the outdoor enthusiast in Jackson Hole. It is near enough to the Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks for the couple to visit those popular destinations. When they are ready to relax, the newlyweds can cuddle up in the Granite Hot Springs for an enjoyable soak.

4. Lake Tahoe

For a less rustic mountain honeymoon, couples can choose the ever-popular Lake Tahoe. Its crystal clear waters offer the perfect opportunity to spend the day boating. Popular lodging spots like Meeks Bay Resort and Chinquapin offer visitors awe-inspiring views of one of the country’s most beautiful bodies of water. 

With high-end shopping on the North Shore and casinos on the South Shore, newlyweds are sure to find something to do in Lake Tahoe when they are done on the lake. There are also miles of hiking trails for a romantic walk. Like Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe also offers skiing in the winter if that is something the lovebirds are interested in.

5. Cape Cod

Finally, we come to Cape Cod. This quaint New England destination is perfect for a couple that wants to slow things down and just enjoy each other’s company in a picturesque location. A seemingly endless seashore filled with fishing boats, lighthouses, and beautiful forests are just some of the sights that await visitors to Cape Cod. Newlyweds can be pampered in style at popular inns such as The Seaglass Inn and Spa or Chatham Bars Inn.