Book groups for first-time river cruising together

There are endless ways to gather groups on river cruises. Special interest cruises, for instance, draw people together for a beer-tasting adventure, hiking or biking excursions, a culinary tour, an art tour, or a storytelling cruise with a celebrity author or musician. Or a group can be assembled that shares any common interest and they simply want to explore new regions of the world together.

Talk up clients who don’t take ocean cruises because of motion sickness

Not only is there no disruptive motion and truly no ocean sickness on the rivers, but the ships dock in ports that are close to everything. Clients don’t realize how close to the city and within walking distance for exploring on your own you actually are when you river cruise. It is a much slower pace experience. The ship is much smaller and more intimate and how easy it is to get to know the guests and crew.

Look for first-time travelers to Europe

Many of my river cruisers are on their first trip to Europe and this is a great way to get their feet wet. It is a great way to explore a region and desire some independence but are not 100% confident to be fully independent.” 

Listen for travelers who want to visit multiple countries in one trip

It makes good sense for a client who want to explore several countries in a week or those looking for a more enriched experience of particular destinations make good candidates for river cruising. They can unpack once and see several destinations. River cruising is such a wonderful value and experience. You get to learn and see so much more when traveling through the middle of countries, your client will fall in love with the cultural immeration.

Scope out prospects who desire culture-rich travel experiences

River cruise clients are people inspired by the world around them, people who like to follow their passions and enjoy culture-rich experiences on vacation. It provides guests the chance to get off the beaten path, to cruise without a crowd and explore undiscovered destinations. These are cruises that invite travelers to explore the world in new ways while providing them with a floating boutique hotel to get from destination to destination with ease. It’s the perfect balance of what’s great about a land-based vacation and the joy and ease that comes with cruising the world.

Suggest river cruising to ocean cruisers who are getting tired of being at sea

Travel advisors need to educate their ocean cruising clients that, with river cruising, the ship is not the experience; the destination is the experience. The vessels dock right in the heart of the destination … right in front of the Eiffel Tower or in front of the Citadel in Budapest, for example. So travelers ‘see’ instead of ‘sea.’ Other notable differences between river cruising and ocean cruising include: fewer guests (perhaps 150 instead of 3,000); smaller ships with a more intimate ambiance; 1:3 guest-to-crew ratio (instead of 1:6); more time and overnights in port (rather than days and nights at sea); more daytime sailings and the ability to sit on the deck and watch the landscapes, villages, and castles go by; and a bevy of daily excursions that take travelers into the center of the destinations.

Emphasize the truly all-inclusive nature of river cruising

Another key selling point for river cruising is its all-inclusive nature. Everything is included (accommodation, meals, city tours, drinks, etc.) for one price. You’re well taken care of, yet you can do whatever you want (get off the ship independently, take a tour or just relax in the lounge).

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