Being a travel consultant who works from home comes with its fair share of pros and cons, but one thing will always remain true; like the old adage says, “A man is only as good as the tools he uses.” A truly successful telecommuter knows that being organized and productive requires having applications and resources to help get the job done.

Here, we compiled a list of some of the best web tools out there to keep any home-based travel agent ahead of the curve:

1. Google Drive

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people out there are still using file cabinets, wall calendars and Rolodex to keep up with everyday tasks and important documents.

Drive allows you to keep any and all documents in one place. So itineraries, agendas and even ticket stubs and confirmation pages can be copied and placed in cloud-based storage for easy access. Drive also has both iOS and Android apps for an added level of convenience while on the go. 

2. Trello

As much as most of us hate the idea of being micro-managed, there comes a time when we must compartmentalize both high and low-level task so we don’t forget them. Trello is a system that keeps track of your project overviews and keeps them in order. You can create to-do lists or entire project maps with due dates and assign certain tasks to people.

3. Skype

Communicate with clients, fellow colleagues and complete strangers, if you feel so inclined. Skype’s solid video chatting and IM capabilities make it a standout service compared to services like Join Me or Go To Meeting.

If you don’t feel like having to download extra software on your computer, though, there’s also Google Hangouts, which allows you to video chat with up to 100 people around the world for free. 

What new (or older) apps or tools did we leave out? Be sure to mention in the comments below. For more information about putting these tools to use and becoming your own boss, email us at or visit our Contact page.