We’ve all been there: the gridlocked traffic jams, the awful vegan-themed potlucks and passive aggressive emails. They all seem like rites of passage for anyone whose has the pleasure of working in a traditional office setting.

When you do decide to take the plunge, though, and start telecommuting, you quickly notice that all those little nuisances become an afterthought.

So here’s a list of annoying, ingratiating and downright irritating things you’ll never have to hear when you start working from home: 

1. “Can you believe the traffic this morning!?”

Nope. That’s because your work day didn’t require you to even leave your driveway, let alone sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic forever and a day. The average telecommuter saves about an hour and a half in commuting time, so that means more time is allotted to be productive.

2. “Ugh! I really shouldn’t have eaten that double cheeseburger for lunch!”

With nearly half of work-from-home employees stating that they tend to eat much healthier than their counterparts, it’ll be rare that you forego a nutritious meal for something from the dollar menu.

3. “Well, I heard through the grapevine that…”

The office gossip buck stops with you the moment you decide to work from home. A lot of the infighting and catty backtalk tends to come most in an environment that has so many different personalities, belief and value systems. There’s bound to be some contention eventually.

4. “Did you see last night’s episode when [insert pivotal character here] died??”


5. “So we’re going to schedule a pre-meeting to discuss the real meeting. Shouldn’t take more than three hours.”

Gone will be the days of meetings, syncs, face-to-faces and other unnecessary meetings that could keep you from getting actual work done for the people who need your services most. 

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