Spring cleaning your home office may not seem like one of those high-priority tasks when you compare to the important work you accomplish in that office, day after day.


But the cleanliness of your work space can greatly affect just how much work you actually get done. So here are some ways to de-clutter as we move into the spring months:

1. Get Sorted

Start by streamlining all those old Christmas cards, end-of-the-year bills and whatever else may have accumulated on your desk over the past few weeks or months. Anything that you know isn’t that important to this year’s business needs to be disposed of or at least stored somewhere that’s not your immediate work space.

2. Clean Your Computer’s Desktop, Too

Even though your physical desk may be tidy, your digital desk needs some attention, too. Old files and folders should be zipped up and stored in a separate space. We suggest investing in an external hard drive or flash drive, because the longer you keep data on your desktop, to slower your computer will run.

3. Mind the Plants

Plants help to liven up any home office, but they, too, can fall victim to a lack of upkeep and maintenance. Everything from a lack of water and sunlight, kids and animals, and even dust accumulation can all wreak havoc on poor plants. Keeping plants clean and well watered will help maintain the overall look and feel of your home office.

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