Offer Personalized Service – Dale from California

“The most important thing to remember when selling travel is that everyone has a computer and therefore thinks they can get the best deals. They’re coming to you for a personal touch, so don’t be afraid to go above and beyond for clients. Repeat business from a loyal customer is worth more than anything!”


Lend your Expertise – Lana from Tennessee

“Sometimes clients will come to me who are skeptical about using a travel agent. But once they see that I can give them the expertise that a reviews website (and strangers) can’t, they’re sold. Experienced travel agents can read people, tell them where to go, recommend excursions, and shop vendors to get the best prices and upgrades.”


Go Big – Tricia from Georgia

“People come to travel agents because they want the experience of a lifetime. I like to present my clients with great, big options for the vacations of their dreams. They may not take it today, but you can be saving up to take that trip later!”


Be Their Advocate – Ashley from South Carolina

“The human element is the reason people are moving from shopping on faceless travel sites to working with travel agents again. They know that saving 5% is nothing if they don’t have someone to call if things go wrong. Work hard to get them the deal and be there to follow-up with them.”


Build Relationships – Rose from Illinois

“Whether I’m building relationships with vendors or clients, I’m always keen to be polite and patient. It really does make all the difference—especially when dealing with complex travel plans and international trips.”