After having been in business for over 15 years now, we’ve experienced pretty much everything there is to experience—both good and bad—when it comes to traveling the world. Whether you’re a first time traveler or a seasoned explorer, follow these tips to have a positive travel experience:


The Early Bird Catches the Worm

We get it; you’re on vacation and you want to sleep in. But you paid a lot of money to get here and make the most out of your limited time abroad. Waking up early means you get more daylight to enjoy your new surroundings, plus you’re likely to miss the lines and crowds of some of the more popular places on your “must see” list. So save the sleeping in for after you get home.

Prepare for the Unexpected

This one is a lot more ambiguous and harder to fully accomplish. We suggest packing extra cash and pre-paid money cards in different bags so if one of your bags happens to be lost or stolen, you’ll still be able to get around without any difficulty.

Patience is a Virtue

Between changing time-zones, jetlag, and airport stress, traveling can bring out the crankiness in us. But to truly enjoy your time traveling, you have to understand that things happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff; let it roll of your back and try to find the humor in every situation. You’ll be much happier that you did!

Eat Like A Local, Feel Like A Local

One of our favorite things to do to feel like a true local is to hail a cab and ask the driver to take you to where he ate lunch the day before (or most recently, if he tends to pack a lunch). You’ll bypass the chain restaurants and are likely to get a true feel for the local cuisine and culture.

Make Every Moment a Kodak Moment (Kind Of)

The best way to commemorate your trip is to take pictures of your journey. Because when you look back at photos, you’re momentarily transported back to that time, so you get to relive the trip over and over again! However, don’t spend so much time hiding behind a viewfinder that you don’t appreciate the moment while you’re in it. Snap a few photos and then enjoy your current surroundings! 

What are your best travel tips?