Are you planning on taking your pet with you on your next travel adventure? It’s important to plan ahead and think about all of the aspects that go into traveling with your furry friend. Here are some of our outside agents‘ favorite tips for traveling with pets that will ensure your trip is a success for both you and your pet.


When trying to decide when to travel with your pet, consider the type of trip you’ll be taking and the types of activities you want to do. Here are some questions to consider:

Will you be staying in a hotel? Consider that your pet will not be able to stay in the hotel room alone, so this limits the type of activities you’ll be able to do.

Will you be staying with family? If your family is okay with pets in the house, your pet will be able to roam around more freely leaving you with more flexibility.  

Are you traveling internationally? Consider the rules and regulations of the country that you’ll be entering (i.e. what paperwork do you need for your pet, what types of vaccinations or tests need to be done beforehand, etc.).


If traveling by car:

  • Make sure you have a good leash and collar that fits correctly so that when you get out at rest areas to walk your dog, you can be confident they can’t get loose.
  • Bring plastic bags for cleaning up after your dog.
  • Bring bottled water and plastic container or bowl to put water in.
  • Pack your pet’s favorite type of toy or chew bone to keep your pet occupied in the car.
  • Plan to stop at rest areas or gas stations with a grassy area regularly to let your dog go to the restroom and walk around some. A good estimate is to stop every 2-3 hours.


If traveling by plane:

  • Research the differences between checked bag cabin, checked baggage cargo and manifest cargo so you’ll know how your pet will need to travel.
  • Check the airline’s requirements to ensure your pet is situated in the appropriate type of carrier.
  • Tape your pet’s name as well as your name and info on the outside of their carrier.
  • Put a pet pad in the carrier.
  • If your pet is boarding with you, be prepared to remove your pet from the crate, so that the carrier can be sent through the X-ray machine.

Travel adventures are always better when you have everyone you love by your side, even your furry friend! With these tips for traveling with pets, your four-legged adventurer will end your trip having had just as much fun as you did!

What are your tips for traveling with pets?