Travel agents put their hearts and souls into planning the best trips possible for their clients. No matter if it’s an extended vacation to a remote island or a short business trip across the globe, each trip is meticulously planned and structured. But, as a successful independent travel agent knows, their job is not over after the trip is completed. Following up with clients to learn about their trip and experience working with you is essential to growing as a professional and bringing new customers to your travel agency. You can do this by going beyond just the typical “how was your hotel, how was your flight” questions. Here are some questions every independent travel agent should send to their clients after their trip:

What do you wish you’d know about the destination before your trip? Research their answer so you’re prepared the next time you have a client who plans a trip to that destination.

Did the trip meet your expectations? You and your client spent days, weeks and even months planning this trip together. Find out if it was worth the time spent planning and the money in your client’s eyes.

Would you return to that destination? Sometimes a destination doesn’t live up to the hype and wouldn’t be worth a return trip. Other destinations may be so full of things to see and places to go that the client wouldn’t hesitate to visit again.

If you could change one thing about your trip, what would it be? This isn’t necessarily a reflection of your planning, but maybe something the client wishes they had or hadn’t done. Maybe they wish they’d gone during a different season or stayed longer.

What was your favorite restaurant? Save and share this recommendation with future clients traveling to the same destination.

Did you visit any popular tourist destinations? Which was their favorite? Certain clients may not be interested in the popular tourist traps, while others might appreciate knowing which were the most loved.

If you could tell someone else about to visit that destination one thing, what would it be? Future clients will appreciate the personal recommendations from people who have visited their destination before.

Lastly, ask your clients to share any photos from their trip. Get permission to post them on your Instagram account and Facebook Business Page to show potential clients the amazing travel experiences you can help them have!