What really makes a vacation special is not the grandioseness of the destination or the amount of money spent, but those small details that make the trip unique to those who experienced it. Travel agents can increase client loyalty and referrals by simply taking the time to customize trips for their clients wants and needs. Here are four ways travel agents can personalize their client’s next trip:

Anticipate what could go wrong

While no traveler or travel agent plans for an emergency during a trip, being prepared is never a bad idea. For each client, plan out what could potentially go wrong while they’re traveling and how you would handle the situation. If your client is a young family with children, where can they go if one of their children gets sick? If your client is a business professional with an important meeting scheduled and their flight is delayed, are there other flights you can get them on? Likely, the scenarios will never come to fruition, but your clients will be grateful that you’ve planned for travel issues if they arise.

Put together a small travel kit

Often the least enjoyable part of traveling in getting to the destination. Make this time in transit more enjoyable for your clients by providing them with a small, packable travel kit. For example, send clients with long flights off with items such as soft earplugs, their favorite snacks, eye mask, headache medicine, and a magazine or new best seller. These little items will go a long way to make their travel more comfortable and show that you truly want them to have the best trip possible.

Send them a packing list

Packing is often the worst part of vacation planning, and knowing what to bring for a never-before-visited destination can be stressful. About a week before your client is set to leave for their trip, send them a list of packing supplies customized for their destination and personalities. If your client is very active, include items such as hiking shoes and a refillable water bottle. If your client will have business meetings at restaurants, find out the proper attire at each restaurant they’ll be dining at and include that in the list. This will relieve stress from your client and ensure they’re prepared to fully enjoy their trip.

Get feedback after the trip

Customized service doesn’t have to stop after your client gets back from their trip. A week or two after your client returns, email them a survey about how they’re travels went. Ask about their specific airline, hotel, destination, and restaurants. Also ask them to provide feedback on the travel planning process before the trip. Did they feel like they could easily communicate with you? Was there anything looking back they wish they’d discussed with you before the trip? Not only will this help you better customize future trips for that client, you’ll also learn ways to improve your services for your other customers.

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