Seeking all avid travel lovers! If you’ve spent a lot of your time traveling, then becoming a travel agent could be the perfect job for you. Whether you’ve taken more cruises than you can count or backpacked through almost every continent, that experience can be used when planning your potential client’s trip. From knowing the secret spots to being able to stay organized, here are three ways your travel experience can kickstart your successful career as a travel agent:

Connections, connections, connections

After traveling to all the places you’ve been, you are sure to have made connections with locals or resort/hotel employees. Your connections can have serious benefits when it comes to hooking up your potential clients with special deals or packages. These contacts can also save you time while searching for perfect deals or updated info about the destination. This insider knowledge provides your client with a unique experience they would not have found online.

You know the secret spots

That hole-in-the-wall local bar or hidden ancient ruin: these are the things your client wants to hear about when planning their trip. When we say “secret” we don’t necessarily mean secluded to the point that it would be unsafe to travel to these places. Instead, these are unique places for your client to go see that they would never have discovered in during a tour or in a guidebook. With your travel experience, there are bound to be many unique, lesser-known spots you can recommend to your future clients.

Patience & organization

Since you’re experienced in planning your own travels, you certainly understand the level of patience and organization that goes into an unforgettable vacation. And we don’t mean being patient during layovers or organizing your carry on to fit everything a full-size suitcase would. You know that patience is key during the planning process as you wait for better deals and opportunities to come along. You’re also aware of the meticulous level of organization that comes along with booking and planning an itinerary. You’ve been through this process several times yourself, so it should be no problem to stay patient and organized when planning vacations for your clients.

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