Even those most passionate about their travel business can have trouble when it comes to marketing it. You know there are potential clients out there, but you just aren’t sure how to reach them with your brand. Thankfully, there are many inexpensive and easy to learn marketing tools and practices that any travel agent can implement to boost their agency’s success. Online and offline, here are four marketing tips for independent travel agents:

Update your website

An easy-to-navigate, mobile friendly website is essential to the success of any small business, including your travel agency. Your website is the perfect location to list the services you offer, feature client testimonials, and share special deals and photos from previous travels. Not only will an updated website provide information to current clients, it will also improve your chances of being discovered by potential clients via search engines. Added bonus, you can set up and use google analytics to track visitors to your website and learn what pages people find most insightful.

Utilize email marketing

You don’t have to spam your clients’ inboxes to effectively keep your travel business on their mind throughout the month. Sending out a newsletter every other week or once a month is a tried and true way to turn potential leads into lifelong clients. Offer a place on your website where visitors can sign up to receive occasional newsletter emails about travel trends, advice, and deals. You’ll drive more traffic to your website and keep your services on your clients’ minds.

Write a blog

Another way to improve your travel agency’s searchability online is by starting and adding to a blog on your website. Blog topics can range from travel tips to vacation memories. Writing a blog helps potential clients connect to your brand and see how your passion for travel and expertise can translate to their trip. These blog posts can be shared on social media as well. Blogging is an easy, free way to boost your websites search engine ranking and share valuable knowledge with travelers near you.

Get social

We’ve talked before about the importance of social media for travel agents looking to grow their company’s success and client list. However, getting social means much more than just social media. To really connect with potential clients, you have to go out and actually go socialize! There are many moments throughout your day that offer opportunities to pitch your travel expertise to someone who will later be in need of your services. Practice your “elevator pitch” for those who ask you about your career or mention upcoming travel plans. You don’t have to talk about your travel agency in every conversation but learn to recognize marketing opportunities in your everyday social encounters.

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