As an independent travel agent with Outside Agent Link, it’s very important to maintain those close relationships with your clientele, along with your reputation as the leading authority in your field. This concept holds true year round, whether your customers are actively booking with you, or if they are on their off season, while they map out plans for the next trip on the horizon.

Your clients clearly value your priceless expertise of the sometimes overwhelming world of travel. In turn, you value their repeated business (along with the obvious rewards of assisting them in planning their unforgettable, epic travels). However, you will not have the opportunity to serve these clients if you and your business is not first and foremost in their minds. Your goal is to be their first choice when it comes time for them to head off for their next adventure. 

We live in an Age of Information, and many of us have very high expectations for instant gratification. As such, it’s more critical than ever to firmly establish your personal and authentic presence on the web, in each of your online interactions, and during your face to face encounters. One tried and true method for keeping in touch with your market is to reach out through an engaging newsletter. Your newsletter can be electronic or printed, and released on a monthly or bimonthly basis. Not sure what to include? Below is a short list to get you started with a brainstorm for your own periodic masterpiece.

Stay Afloat on Stellar Deals Coming Up in the Travel Industry

As an independent travel agent with Outside Agent Link, part of your work involves self-directed research into the intricacies of various travel markets. Be sure to share those top deals in your newsletter. A travel client that has saved their hard earned money with you in the past is more than likely to return for their next journey.

Featured Trips 

There are a great way to drum up some excitement about the specifics and particularities of a certain adventure. Whether it’s a review of a brand new cruise ship that is scheduled to dock at an exotic distant port, or hotel deals in Dubai that can’t be passed up, you want to share that insider scoop with your audience. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that many people watch and wait for just the right itineraries.

Provide Travel Hacks for Various Types of Trips

As an independent travel agent, you are probably just as eager and enthusiastic about travel as your customers. What experiences can you share that may offer a new insight or give your clients the advantage? Do you know a way to beat the lines at the airport, or to save on drink packages? Make a list and then write it out. You want to be giving your clients the advantage of information while simultaneously demonstrating your own professionalism.

Refer a Friend 

The “Rewards” system has become increasingly popular across numerous industries in recent years. Consider advertising for a discount should your loyal customers bring in new business.

Remember to Add Your Unique, Personal Flare!

As always and with all of the worthy endeavors in life, let your true self shine through. Though we live in a competitive world of immediacy, human beings still appreciate the authentic voice. A little humor goes a long way in relating to readers, and you will likely discover relationships that will last for years to come. In the end, it is these relationships that form the basis for good business.

For more clever tips and tricks, or information about becoming an independent travel agent with Outside Agent Link, feel free to reach out and contact us today!