Cruising Your Way to the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

The business of selling travel: it’s the sweet life.

As an independent travel agent, you will be working for yourself, on your own time, at your own pace, and very likely, from your own home. With Outside Agent Link, you can be assured that we are here to make smooth sailing out of that transition from corporate nine-to-five employee to successful, lucrative entrepreneur.

As an outside agent, you are in the unique position to assist in the planning, booking and other important preparations involved in the thrill of world travel. Some of these adventures will likely become the trip of a lifetime, celebrating a special event or milestone, and always making memories that last. It’s clear that you share your clients’ enthusiasm and excitement for seeing the great sights of the world. As a work-from-home travel agent, you want every detail to be carefully tended to.

Take a look at a very popular market in the cruise travel industry: retirees.

Different Demographics Have Different Needs

Let’s face it…the things that are important to us at age 20 are sure to change by the time we achieve age 65. A cruise ship with a three-tiered dance floor may not have quite the appeal to our more experienced cruisers. Generally speaking, mature travelers aim to get more for their hard-earned money, the dollars that they have worked their entire lives to accumulate. Some generations may have already traveled to many destinations. Sometimes, there may also be issues of limited mobility.

Different Cruise Lines Have Different Personalities

Many travelers are aware that each cruise line has a certain flavor and unique atmosphere. While most ships are happy to cater to and accommodate guests from all walks of life, there are distinctive personalities to be noted with each individual company.

To give just a few quick examples: Royal Caribbean is probably best known for their wide selection of sports activities and may be a great choice for very active types. Carnival, on the other hand, is known for its party vibe, while Disney Cruises is ideal for kids and the young at heart.

So what are the best lines for our retirees?

Three Cruise Lines for Retirees

  • Viking River Cruises, aptly branded as The Thinking Person’s Cruise, offers a multitude of cultural and behind-the-scenes experiences to explore. The multiple award-winning company boasts diverse destinations off the beaten path, including stops at the verdant French vineyards, Egyptian temples along the famed Nile River, and the rich Mekong Delta of Vietnam, to name just a few. In addition to the river cruises, Viking also sails the high seas.
  • Holland America Line takes you to unique ports around the world with a traditional atmosphere. Although their ships showcase nothing less than the top of the line technology, the company adheres to a time-honored respect for convention. With a staggering 145 years of experience under their belt, you can bet you are in good hands with Holland America. Popular ports include the intriguing landscapes of Nova Scotia, Canada; the paradise of private Caribbean islands; and the Panama Canal.
  • Crystal Cruises also sails both river excursions and ocean voyages across the globe. The company brings a keen eye for luxurious comfort and excellent customer service. Travel to exotic locales like chilly Antarctica, the Indian Ocean, and the West Indies. If your aim is to set sail with a bit of elegance and class, award-winning Crystal Cruises may be just the cruise line for you.

Break into the world of travel from a new perspective as a work-from-home travel agent. You will find that for each unique individual you encounter, there is an equally unique itinerary just waiting to be discovered! 

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