If you search for “travel agent” online, you’ll come up with almost 60 million results. How can you, as one independent travel agent, stand out in this mass of information? The answer is simple: find a specialized travel niche. It may seem counterintuitive, but narrowing the scope of travel services you market can actually increase your sales and get you more clients. Follow our tips for choosing your travel niche and get started on a career as a successful independent travel agent.

Research the Potential Market

The niche market you choose will only be successful if your potential audience is interested in that particular type of travel. For example, if you live in a community full of older, retired couples, you’ll probably have better luck specializing in cruise or destination travel as opposed to adventure or business travel. Consider demographics such as age group, income bracket and employment in the area where you’ll be setting up. Make sure the market for your niche is strong enough to support your business.

Pick Something You Have Unique Knowledge About

Being interested in an aspect of travel is not enough to make you an expert in that niche. While this interest may lead your decision in choosing your area of specialization, you must offer plentiful, unique knowledge about it in order to be a successful niche travel agent. Read books about the subject, keep up on related news, and, most importantly, go experience it for yourself! First hand experience will give you confidence and authority when discussing travel planning with a client.

Be Passionate About What Niche You Choose

Don’t pick a niche you are ambivalent about just because you think it will make you the most money. You must be passionate about your niche. Passion is contagious, and your clients will pick up on your excitement and dedication when you’re planning their trip. Whichever travel specialty you pursue, make sure it’s a subject you look forward to learning about and working on every day. This passion will be evident in the vacations and trips you plan for clients and will lead to new and return business.

Build Your Image Around the Niche

Once you’ve determined an area of specialization, set up your image to fit it. Your image as a travel agent ranges from the marketing materials you give out to the way you set up your office. If you’re focusing on family vacations, make your office kid-friendly. If you’re selling luxury travel, use language that’s focused on elegant details. Think of your image as the first impression potential clients will experience when seeking out your services. Clients won’t give you a chance to show your excellent travel planning skills or expert knowledge if they get the wrong first impression.

No matter which niche you choose, your passion and knowledge on the subject are sure to set you apart and lead to a fulfilling career as an independent travel agent. And with Outside Agent Link, you’ll have access to all the additional support you may need, whenever you need it.