We’ve written before about the importance of blogging as a marketing tool for independent travel agents. However, between communicating with clients, calling airlines and hotels and your many other responsibilities, it’s easy for your blog to fall to the wayside. While the weather begins to cool down and the pumpkin spice flavors begin to appear, take the time this fall to refocus (or get started) on your travel blog. Here are some autumn-themed topics to get your creativity flowing:

Best Places in the U.S. to See Fall Leaves

America offers many examples of the beauty of fall. Write a blog sharing some of the best cities in the country where a family could fly or drive to see the autumn foliage. Don’t forget to include pictures!

How Halloween is Celebrated Around the World

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays still celebrated in many countries around the world. We all know about the trick or treating and pumpkin carving traditions in the United States, but how do other people celebrate this October holiday around the globe?

Tips for Planning Thanksgiving Family Travel

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s never too early to encourage your clients to book holiday travel. Put the thought in their mind with some tips for planning travel for their families this Thanksgiving.

Best Dishes From Around the World to Warm You Up This Fall

As the weather cools off this fall, share some delicious autumn recipes from around the world. What hearty stews are popular in Northern Europe this time of year? Are there any unique ingredients one country only uses during the fall?

Benefits of Traveling During the Fall

While fall isn’t the busiest season for traveling, there are still many benefits to taking a trip during this time of year. Encourage your clients to book a vacation or getaway this fall by listing some advantages they might not have considered before.

History of Germany’s Oktoberfest

One of the first thoughts in many people’s minds when they think of fall is Oktoberfest. Started hundreds of years ago in Germany, this festival is now celebrated around the world during late September or early October. Write a blog discussing the history behind Oktoberfest and how it came to be the popular event it is today. Bonus: you can also write about seasonal beers that are offered around the country and around the world for beer lovers.