Everyone has advice when it comes to traveling. Go here, bring this, don’t do that, avoid this. Often times these tips are helpful in certain situations and destinations, but otherwise irrelevant to other travelers. However, there are some travel tips that can be carried over from trip to trip and destination to destination. From road trips to Disney World to international flights to Europe, these all-time best travel tips will come in handy for every traveler:

Stay hydrated.

While this is a good habit to follow every day, it’s even more important when traveling. Whether you’re flying, driving or touring a city by foot, it’s essential that you and your travel companions stay hydrated throughout your trip. While you may have to make a few extra trips to the bathroom, you’ll have much more energy to enjoy your trip if you’re drinking plenty of water.

Talk to the locals.

While travel guides and online reviews are amazing tools for finding quality restaurants and attractions, the best information source you’ll find on any trip is the local population. They’ll have tips and suggestions you would never have found online. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about your destination from the eyes of a resident instead of a tourist.

Always pack earplugs.

From screaming children to noisy hotel rooms, earplugs are a lifesaver for every traveler. Noise canceling headphones are nice to have for music and movies, but they often are not comfortable to sleep in. Remember to pack a few pairs of earplugs on every trip, and you’ll find yourself more rested and ready to enjoy your travels.

Play podcasts and audiobooks to pass time in transit.

If your trip involves a long travel period, don’t overlook this form of entertainment. Podcasts and audiobooks are easy to access through the Apple and Android podcast apps, Amazon, Spotify and more. You can sit back, close your eyes and listen to the newest novel or binge listen to episodes from your favorite podcast. They’re especially helpful if you’re the driver for a road trip, as they keep you awake and entertained better than music.

Get the travel insurance.

No one ever plans for something to go wrong during vacation, but it’s still good to be prepared. From travel bugs to accidents to natural disasters, travel insurance gives you extra piece of mind before and during your trip.

Wake up early to see the popular attractions.

Vacation is the best time to sleep in, right? Not if you’re traveling to a popular destination that is often packed with tourists. Instead of snoozing until the late morning, set your alarm and wake up at sunset to go see famous attractions. The lines will be shorter, the weather will often be better during the summer, and the lighting will be perfect for photographing those destinations.

Travel slowly.

Many travelers try to cram as many destinations as possible into one trip. Not only is this exhausting, you won’t be able to fully experience and enjoy each destination along the way. Chances are, you’ll never be able to see everything a city has to offer in a few days, let alone a few hours. Don’t overdo your trip itinerary and be open to traveling slowly. Keeping your travel schedule light also allows you to go with spontaneous opportunities that might regret not taking.

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