Independent travel agents who are trying to reconnect with old clients may be at a loss as to what to do in order to engage those who they are looking to do repeat business with. Or, it could be the question of getting people who almost became clients to book a trip. In a travel agent’s perfect world, the phone would ring, the client would tell the agent where it was that they wished to go, the agent would arrange the trip and the deal would be done. In addition, that client, as well as all of their friends and family members, would call the agent to book trips every six months or so! However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that independent travel agents can reconnect with old clients and keep their business thriving!

Hold Small Events For Past Clients 

Independent travel agents can hold small events by sending invitations to past clients or people who they have engaged with in the past. Gather at a restaurant with some small appetizers or a simple buffet lunch and give presentations on popular travel destinations. Encourage clients to interact and ask you questions. Use this opportunity to sell the trips to as many people as possible.

Create A Drip Email Campaign

It may be common to feel that past clients have disappeared, so don’t give them the opportunity to do so! Create a drip email campaign that sends an email once a month or so to everyone you have worked with in the past. Make the emails as interactive as you can. For example, ask people to give feedback on certain places that they’d like to go or learn more about. Send surveys, or even give incentives for clients to respond. Before you know it, you’ll be back in touch with old clients and planning trips like never before!

Create A Facebook Page

As everyone knows, Facebook is an excellent marketing tool, so use it to your advantage. Create a Facebook page, and invite all of your past clients to like it! Make sure you are posting on a daily basis, with things that are interesting and captivating. Give your clients the opportunity to really connect with your through social media by having a presence in something that they use on a daily basis.

Have A Giveaway

Everyone loves fun things such as giveaways! Invest in some low-cost items that promote your business, and send them to all of your past clients. Even better, send them with a personalized note. This is a perfect opportunity to remind your past clients to give you a call, or even to just get them thinking about taking a trip. Make sure the items are things that people use on a regular basis, such as bottle openers, keychains, or measuring spoons. 

Pick Up The Phone

Don’t hesitate to use the tried and true method of simply picking up the phone and calling your past clients. Take a few minutes to chat with each person. Ask them if they are thinking about taking a trip in the near future. If not, encourage them to do just that! Everyone needs a vacation from time to time, so be sure to remind everyone that the time is now. Are you calling people in the middle of winter? Talk about tropical, warm, and sunny places. Is it the middle of summer? Perhaps it is the ideal time to encourage everyone to take a trip to a place with cooler temperatures, such as the Colorado Rockies, Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve, or even Norway!